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  • When earthquake or any vibration occurs, home camera sends a alarm massege to your smart phone automatically.
  • If someone is havering around your door, our Home Camera sends a captured image to your smart phone automatically
  • Home Camera is compatible with various zwave devices such as magnetic sensor, motions sensor, temp sensor and etc.
  • Home Camera connects to existing chime bell wiring and installs easily.
  • Easy registration : With QR code, you can easily register this camera on your smart phone automatically

Camera Specifications

INSTALLATION Wall-mounted Type
CONNECTIVITY Smart Phone and Smart Pad
Z-Wave Device
Mechanical Chime (AC12~24V Electromagnet Type)
Magnetic Sensor
SPECIFICATION HD Camera Sensor : 1080P
Built-in IR LED & IR Cut Filter
Built-in illuminance sensor
Built-in vibration sensor
32bit ARM Embedded CPU (Nextchip Cortex A5 700Mhz)
RAM : 256MB, Storage : 512MB
Linux OS
FUNCTIONALITY When detecting vibration, home camrea sends a alarm messge to a smart phone.
Conversation between a Home Camera and a smart phone through Wi-Fi & cloud server network.
Video recording and snap photos of visitors.
Compatibility with a mechanical chime bell in North America
Connectivity with a magnetic sensor and Z-Wave home automation devices.
11. Smart Home Solution


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